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Post by JimboJetset »

hi, i'm thinking of buying a pair of binoculars to have in my flight bag as i have found landing strips sometimes difficult to spot. Do most of you PPL's carry a pair with you on a flight or do you find them too difficult to use due to cockpit vibrations, distortions from the window, glare etc.

so, is it worth the investment?

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Post by AndyMax »

would you fly an aircraft with tunnel vision?.

then i wouldnt be using binoculars while trying to fly!

thats just me however.

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Post by Frosty »

Regarding cockpit vibrations, you are now able to get binoculars with Image Stabilisation in them, that counter-acts shake. Wouldn't know how good or bad they'd be for flying though. Couldn't use them solo I'd say...

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Post by Bearcat »

i think you will end up a statistic using binoculars....

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