Icom IC-R2 Radio Scanner Receiver For Sale =SOLD=

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Icom IC-R2 Radio Scanner Receiver For Sale =SOLD=

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Icom IC-R2 scanner receiver in perfect working condition c/w aerial & belt clip.

For details and pictures please see below;



Channels 400
Banks 8
Coverage 495 kHz - 1309.995 MHz
Scan 10 chan/sec
Search 30 steps/sec
Steps 5/6.25/9/10/12.5/15/20/25/30/50/100 kHz
Modes AM, FM & WFM


AM : 0.63 - 1.3 µv

FM : 0.18 - 0.45 µv

WFM : 0.71 - 1.0 µv
Conversion Triple
IFs 1=266.7 2=19.65 3=0.450 MHz
Priority 1 channel
Search limits 25
Search skip 400
Auto-store No
S-meter Yes
Delay Global, 0 - 20sec or hold
Lockout Yes
Attenuator Global
Lock Yes
Tone codes Yes
Computer intf Optional
Rotary control Yes
Channel count No
Timers Yes
Light Display
Power 2 AA
Audio 100mW
Size 2.3" W x 3.5" H x 1" D
Weight 6oz/170g

Price €110 ono

Any questions please email.
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Re: Icom IC-R2 Radio Scanner Receiver For Sale

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