Airbus A380 in JFK and LAX

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Airbus A380 in JFK and LAX

Post by OW wright » Mon Mar 19, 2007 7:00 pm

hello all,

Two Airbus A380's made proving flights today from Frankfurt to New York JFK , F-WWJB, and Toulouse to Los Angles LAX, F-WWOW. Both aircraft landed just after 4 o'clock today. the JFK bound A380 Flew across Ireland passing over EIDW towards EICM and out across the Atlantic.

Video of A380-841, LH8940, F-WWJB landing at JFK

New York ATC referred to the new A380 as "Super" as opposed to "Heavy"

A380-841 F-WWJB in JFK "Lufthansa Eightynine Forty Super"

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