New terminal in Cork.

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Are you happy with the new terminal in Cork?

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New terminal in Cork.

Post by airoshane » Fri Aug 18, 2006 6:08 pm

I noticed the other day that there is nowhere in the airport with a view of the ramp and runway (with the exception of the departure lounge). This is really bad. In the old building there was an area where people went to watch their friends and family getting off the plane. This was handy as you could see when the plane arrived and knew exactly when the person you are waiting for will be out of arrivals. This place was also popular for spotting.

Cork airport has really killed the local spirit and feel to the airport. The only place with a bit of a view of the ramp and runway is the top of the multi-story car park.

Perhaps they could put a place where the runway and ramp are in full view. Something like shannon has.

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Post by tim » Sat Aug 19, 2006 10:59 am

Hey Shane,
There is something like that down at the back of the r/w in EICK just go a mile or two beyond until you get to a crossroads after sharp turn take a right there and keep going until you get to another crossroads there is room to park your car and there is a hill where you can stand on which is good for photograpy unlike EINN where the fencing gets in the way and you need a crate.

Yes I totally agree with you about the whole airport thing I liked the old terminal but what I don't like about the new terminal is it dosen't seem too big. Which I don't like and it seems fairly small when you go upstairs and then downstairs just feels long, I like the old terminal and I think they should keep it open for Aer Arann or Aer Lingus but I'd hate to see Ryanair get it.
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