Airband radio
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    by NoSiG » Thu Oct 27, 2005 11:37 pm

    Pilot shops may not be the best place to look. Amateur Radio Shops may have a better selection and Long Communications, Dunkineeley, Co Donegal; CQ Communications on the north quays,Dublin: South Eastern Communications, Waterford: or Celcom, Galway (alcock & browne). If budget allows maybe considder a handheld communications receiver (as opposed to a scanner). Some have very wide frequency coverage, and many receive modes, SSB along with AM and FM, allowing monitering of transatlantic flight transmitions, Shannon VOLMET, RAF VOLMET etc, as well as local airband reception.
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    by Dutch Roll » Fri Nov 10, 2006 5:16 pm

    just back on this topic again,i got the scanking royal diskone antenna from maplins a few months back,apparently the best.It was pretty good located up in the attic fed through to my room,then it suddenly went crap after even checking the connections.after a bit of research i realised that the rg58 50 ohm cable is proabably the worst you can get for a scanner,so i got 10 metres of RG59 75ohm coax and a bnc plug from maplins and now it is absolutely perfect and working excellent,the reception range is incredible,ground comms at cork airport 6miles away is perfect,i used never pick up the planes etc on the ground,also pilots chatback to london control etc has really improved and can pick up from fairly low altitudes.
    this cable is higly recommended for anyone with an antenna,dont mind the impedence mismatch,it wont matter if your just receiving.
    115 VAC @400Hz
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    by Tonybwf » Thu Dec 20, 2007 9:22 am


    i bought a bearcat BC72XLT for ?200 in waterford in Toner electrics, it has 100channels i find it very good....I also have an icom IC-95 which is equally as good i bought that in ... ory_ID=639

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