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Correct me if I'm wrong, but someone once told me about two Air Corp pilots who took off from either Finner or Sligo and their talk button was stuck on, during which time they discussed which chocolate bar was their favourite; and talked a bit about their wifes (I heard it from someone, just want to know if it's actually true).

Cheers, B

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It happens!

On EISN an REA pilot left his PTT on making a PA for arrival in Kerry 'The weather in Kerry....blah blah blah...'
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Yes there were some interesting comments around the second Dublin Airport Hoax's this year... the pilots shall remain nameless, but if I was to qoute it, one or two people would be gaureenteed to remember, certainly the controllers on duty anyway...

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Flew up the west coast of the UK last year.
Transiting over the Liverpool zone, ATC informed of us that an Easyjet flight was coming in from the west. We replied "Traffic copied" and stated "will report if visual.".... the Easyjet crew came back to us stating "You'll see me..IM BIG AND ORANGE"
Made us both laugh.
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One classic one, aircraft forgetting their callsigns, seems to happen alot, I wonder if they have ever used the aircraft colours to confirm reg's, like with the old RYR Kilkenny Beer logo craft, "flying Ryanair Beer"????

Yea, I always loved the one about the Air Corps pilots, great ice breaker in conversations with Cessna pilots, along with the seat slip in Bravo Alpha Tango, seems like half of the Irish aviation industry trained in that, including a few exec's who now reside on Citations and Beechcrafts, however, they always remember the seat slip on takeoff!

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That seat is leathal, coming in for a T & G on 07, flaps up, applied full power, suddenly I can't see a thing and my arms have shrunk!

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Kilkenny airfield last year.

I was out doing some slow flight at 3,500 and I heard the following (I didn't know either party on the radio).

- "Kilkenny Radio, Echo India...[whatever] inbound to the field from the North"

-"Roger, watch out for the runway"

-"What? What's wrong with the runway?"

-" Eh, there is a hole on the 09 end of the runway. Watch out for it"

-"Is it a big hole?"

-"Ah it's big enough now"

-"How big is it?

-"Fairly big"

-"Could you end up in it?"

-"Yes...Ah no, it's not that bad. You'll be fine"

-"Right... maybe we better give it a miss then actually"

To this day I do not know if they were taking the mick or not.... :)
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To this day I do not know if they were taking the mick or not....

As one who calls EIKK home, I'd say the RT was not exactly Shanwick standard, but we do not take the mick ever, it's far too serious for that.

Here's how it should have heard

Kilkenny radio EI XXX Inbound to the field from the North

Copy that EI XXX please be advised of slow aircraft at 3,500

Have the traffic what are his intentions EI XXX

Possible slow flight exercise, and monitoring radio calls from this controller, with a view to posting them on the WWW

Copy that Kilkenny will call overhead field for standard rejoin for 09 EI XXX

Will I tell him about the hole

Negative let him find it himself EI XXX :wink:

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Re: Funniest RT you heard

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We had a number of aircraft from our recent fly-out arriving in quick succession so the radio was really hopping when this little slip occurred.

Tower: Echo Romeo Whiskey do you require fuel?
E-RW: Negative Echo Romeo Whiskey
Tower: November Alpha Mike do you Require Whiskey? eh I mean fuel?
N-AM: (as cool as a breeze) Roger both Whiskey and Fuel for November Alpha Mike.

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