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We're expecting a little Trubulance!!

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 7:47 pm
by doyler
The old 727/200 had been getting a real workout on a trip dodging thunderstorms and turbulant approaches to minimums on every segment. We were feeling the strain. We were on our last flight of the day ,a flight from New York(LaGuardia) to Detroit(Metro). The flight time less than an hour long. Take off was a bit bumby bit uneventful. The captain advised the no 1 cabin atendent that he will be leaving the seatbelt sign switched on. This was read out by the number 1 while the inflight food was being served. " Ladies and Gentelmen the captin has advised me he will be leaving the seatbelt sign on for the remainder of the flight due to turbulance please hold your drink in one hand and your nuts in the other" The whole plane laughed and only then the number 1 only realised wat she said!![/u]