Air Corps on tv, Monday 6th July @ 1900hrs
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    Air Corps on tv, Monday 6th July @ 1900hrs

    by IrishAirPics » Fri Jul 03, 2009 12:16 pm

    For anyone who has NTL / Chorus and lives in Dublin:

    City channel (who broadcast on the NTL/Chorus digital network channel 107) have recorded a piece on the Air Corps of approx 10 mins in length. It will go to air next Mon 6th July @ 1900hrs and repeat @ 2100hrs. It will re-air on the next day (Tues) @ 0800hrs and 1000hrs.

    It will be in part two of the show which is titled " Dublin Today". It will also be carried in the weekend omnibus version the following Saturday @1100hrs.

    Unfortunately I live in Galway and I don't have NTL so hopefully one of you who can watch the programme will let me what it was like.



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