Request for photos of Irish Air Corps aircraft 1922-45
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    Request for photos of Irish Air Corps aircraft 1922-45

    by Joemax » Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:14 pm

    I'm working on a book illustrating the colour schemes
    and markings used by the Irish Air Corps from 1922 to
    the present day. The book will consist of brief histories of each aircraft type that were used, illustrated with period photos and new high quality
    colour profiles for the aircraft for which only black and white photos exist.I'm seeking assistance in locating photographs of Irish Air Corps aircraft that have hitherto not been published.

    As many of the best Air Corps shots have been published before we are attempting to source as many original photos from private collections as possible.We won't be in a position to pay for any photos used
    in the book but we will acknowledge all assistance received, credit each photo with the name of the author or collection and give contributors a free copyof the book.
    I'm looking for photos of any aircraft type used by
    the Air Corps prior to around 1955 but the period 1922
    to 1945 is of great interest. Any help on this project would be much appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Joe Maxwell

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