Royal Intl Air Tattoo
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    Royal Intl Air Tattoo

    by Irishwingz » Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:22 am

    It was good to see the Irish made an appearance at the weekend at the military air show at RAF Fairford. The 2 lads were getting sun burned but keeping a brave face and seeking as much shade in their AW319 as possible.

    The highlights for me were seeing a F117 flying and afterwards up close, getting to walk through the open nose of a C5 Galaxy and out the back. The Indian air force had some nice kit including 2 x SU-30 Floggers and a IL78 tanker. Best craic award to the Brazilian air force who were blasting samba music and supplying the beers to the other air crews under the wing of their C130.

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