Heli formation

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Heli formation

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last thurs morning 17 june saw IAC alouette 3 and dauphine flying North over N Louth. They proceeded across the border over carlingford lough. Very unusual to see dauphine up this neck of the woods. Alouette returned later in day and followed same route the following day. Heard of no important meetings in Belfast. Are the alouettes still used for VIP transport?

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Something to do with crossborder SAR between The irish aer corp and the RAF.It included a visit to an integrated school in the greater Belfast area, the corp had to leave their heli's at Aldergrove and hitch a lift with the RAF.Stange one considering the Irish coastguard heli based in Dublin has been doing alot of work for the Belfast coastguard for quite a while because the RAF have no SAR aircraft based in NI. :wink:

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That is probably because the Irish Coast guard helicopter is a civilian registered aircraft, may be an issue with Foreign Military aircraft landing outside of Military designated airports.

Remeber a post a while back, reading something like RAF nimrods on SAR call outs still have to get diplomatic clearance to overfly Irish Air Space.

Could be wrong though.

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Bet Your Right, Though! :lol:
Fly Safe & Prosper

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