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Use of weapons

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2005 9:32 am
by Biturbo
Not our Air Corps admittedly, but I thought the forum might enjoy this nonetheless. You'll need to use your french language skills for this one.

The French government are looking to sell off SNCM, an unprofitable, overmanned and unpopular state-owned ferry company operating between Corsica and mainland France. This development is being resisted by SNCM employees who are overwhelmingly Corsican. They other day they moved the industrial unrest up a notch by simply hijacking the ferry and taking it back to Bastia.

The ferry owners, the French government, this morning responded by sending in five Puma helicopters worth of armed commandos to retake the ferry by physical force. Tough negotiators!

Full story and pictures at: ... tml?094850