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Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:59 pm
by Pilot
My understanding is that if we are departing Ireland going to a non-EU airport, or coming into Ireland from a non-EU airport, that we need to use a full time customs airport. ie Dublin, Cork or Shannon. The ease of movement that we normally enjoy is only for EU airports, where customs controls are not supposed to be routine.

Is this understanding correct?

With the Brexit, the UK will be a non-EU destination within 2 years. There will be a lot going on for both the UK & Irish governments, so GA will be low down the agenda. Will the demise of AOPA in Ireland (again) will there be anyone to remind the governments of the need to find a workable solution for GA?

Hopefully he NAMI and ILAS will be looking at the issue.

I just post here with the hope of raising the awareness in the community that there may be an issue there that we need to be thinking about and those with the ability to bring influence to bear are aware of the potential issue.

Re: Brexit

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:32 pm
by mark
Hi Pilot,

I'll stick on my long list of NMAI Things to Do! In fact, I think the best sector of GA to look at this problem is Business Aviation. I think they will be impacted the most, especially if the notification periods went to 24 hours.