Group forming in the Dublin area around the Escapade

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Group forming in the Dublin area around the Escapade

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Escapade Group Dublin


Group forming in the Dublin area around the Escapade.

The Escapade won the Sun ?n Fun ?Outstanding Light Plane 2003? award. Excellent STOL and touring characteristics. Flying Summer 2004. We want to keep flying affordable. Do you?


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Any word about this group ?

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hallo there
this aircraft would have to be registered with the SAAC or the NMAI, the groups dealing with homebuilts and microlights respectively. Failing that, it would not be given an Irish registration by the IAA. If it goes on the G-reg, it falls under the PFA or BMAA and would need the attention of a UK-approved inspector. The IAA would probably not allow it to operate on a US reg. if it is a kitplane.

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