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Hayden Lawford

Post by shrtfld »

I was interested to hear Hayden's name being mentioned over the PA at Salthill last week. It is equally pleasing to see one of the legends of Coonagh is now a member of the forum and contributing gems like the black & white photo of EI-AGD on the home page.

My interest in flying will always be inextricably linked to Hayden Lawford. In April 1970 (when I was 15) as a treat for my brother on his Confirmation day my father arranged for Hayden Lawford to take each of us (my brother and me) for a 15 minute flip out of Coonagh in Champion Citabria EI-ANT. I will never forget that experience. By the time I landed I knew I had to learn to fly and thus began a long love affair with all things aviation. Nearly two years later for my 17th birthday my parents paid for my sub and first flying lesson with Limerick Flying Club.

Thirty three years later many thanks Hayden for the intro. Send me a PM and I'll get in touch. Hope you are keeping well.

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Post by willo »

Well worth mentioning also is his recent publication on aviation in Co. Galway "In Galway Skies".

For anyone with the remotest interest in Irish aviation and its history, I recommend to get your hands on same.

Lar & Mark, if you're looking for articles etc for the mag, based on the book, Hayden may be a good source, starting with a profile of the man himself maybe.


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Post by mark »

Hi Willo,

We have already been looking into this. We had the pleasure of being introduced to Hayden Lawford by Michael Traynor at the Salthill Airshow and again at the re-enactment of the Alcock & Brown flight at Cliften last weekend.

I have only begun reading the book "In Galway Skies" and it is very interesting, well worth a read.


Michael Traynor
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Hayden Lawford

Post by Michael Traynor »

Yes indeed, I agree, Hayden is one of life's gentlemen. Last weekend, while overnighting in Galway during the celebrations to mark the arrival of Steve Fossett and Mark Rebholz, Hayden and Evelyn graciously gave me a bed for the night. Mind you, in their true form it was well and truely day break when we hit the sack !!

Hayden is as enthusiastic about aviation as when he first arrived in Coonagh almost 40 years ago. He has put together a wonderful piece of research on his father - Bill Lawford, a man that was instrumental in teaching John Alcock to fly !!

I agree with the previous comments about his book - In Galway Skies. A must for anyone that wants to find out about the history of aviation in Galway - including the formation of Aer Arann, with which he had a role to play.

My first encounter with Hayden was on a visit to the Arann Islands - the rest is for the 'high stool'. Since then we have become good friends. He seems to be constantly researching aviation topics - something we are all grateful for. !!

Thanks for the memories, Hayden


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Post by historical-avi-irl.i8.com »

I was very impressed when reading Hayden's book, and was very disappointed by the lack of his email address in the book at that time, because I'm very interested in finding out more about the history of Aer Arann. It was the only book I ever read in only three; 4 hour reading sesions! (Sorry Michael!)- It was a great account, and was made very interesting by the individual accounts from Hayden, while he was flying with Aer Arann over the Isle's in "BN Islanders". I really need to talk to him some more- ah, I'll try and find his email address somewhere!

Regards, :D

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Post by MCRO »

Have known the wonderful HKL for 41 years - I think

Would not be at all surprised if he eschews the e-mail utterly


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Post by EIDEL »

8) Try writing to Hayden via his local club :wink:

Hayden Lawford
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Post by Hayden Lawford »

God Lads I'm blushing!

Always glad to meet up with old friends and aviators. I am in Salthill most of the time with some visits home to the UK. My contact email in the Memberlist - hkl1940@eircom.net

Let me know if you are visiting the West


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