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Planning Objection to Windfarm near Ulster Gliding Club

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 10:01 am
by mark
See the email below we received recently. These wind farms are threatening the Ulster Gliding Club, please help if you can.



I hope you can help with this. There is a planning application for a wind farm on the top of Binevenagh Mountain near Portstewart in Co. Antrim. This is a regular site used by Glider Pilots and one which proves a popular ridge site.

Unfortunately, this presents an issue, not only as something which will destroy the amazing beauty of the area, but will prevent the site being used for Gliding. I am asking if you can help by taking the sample text below and tailoring it to suit yourself and sending the objection to the address at the top of the letter. Further details can be found at" onclick=";return false;

I hope you can help…


Send to:

Jacqueline Rush.
Belfast Planning HQ,
Millennium House,
17-25 Great Victoria Street,
BT2 7BN.

Dear Ms Rush,

Planning Application C/2013/0248/F (Windy Hill Wind farm)

As a regular visitor to the Ulster Gliding Centre, I wish to record my objection to the above application. I am drawn to the Ulster Gliding Centre several times per year as it is the prime location for soaring in the whole of Ireland. During my visits, I make use of local accommodation and when the weather is unsuitable for flying, I visit other facilities and towns in the area as one does on holiday.

Binevenagh Mountain and the surrounding high ground is quite understandably designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It is the key feature that makes the area such an attraction for glider pilots. The soaring opportunities on the slopes and over the surrounding high ground are a wonderful resource. Placing huge turbines on the high ground will destroy the attraction that the area has for me and my colleagues.

One of the attractions of flying from Bellarena is that it is an excellent place to start cross-country glider flights to much of the island. This will be seriously obstructed by the turbines being placed on the remaining clear route for exiting and returning to Bellarena.

Obtaining electrical energy from renewable sources is a good thing however the erection of a wind farm at this particular site will have a serious impact on recreation, especially aviation and on tourism. Surely there must be many rural places across Northern Ireland where erection of a wind farm will result in a less serious loss of amenity. Sacrificing this unique iconic and highly visible site to wind energy development on an industrial scale would be a serious blow to your tourism industry.

Yours sincerely,