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SkyDemon 30% Discount Special Offer

Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:13 pm
by Carrier Pigeon
The best VFR flight-planning and navigation software in the world

A UK based microlight pilot (& ex banker!) called Rick Goddin who happens to be a BMAA member and who runs a virtual flying club called Whitehill Farm Aero Club (WFAeC) has arranged a very good discount deal with SkyDemon for groups of 8 or more pilots living the UK and Ireland. To-date a total of 118 pilots have availed of this offer.

Note that all prices are in pounds sterling. The details are explained below:

The pricing discount only applies to the initial subscription, not to extras or renewals.

We get a 30% discount if we order eight or more. this reduces the price from £179 for the full flight planning and navigation package by £53.70. The basic package which retails for £119 attracts a price reduction of £35.70. We can mix the packages in a bulk order.

In the past WFAeC has retained £2.70 of the discount (full package) to mitigate our admin and website costs, thus the price to the customer becomes £128, a discount of £51 on the full SkyDemon price. On the basic package (we only sold two out of 118) I think the retention was £1.70. Now that our costs are covered for the next couple of years we have decided to donate these small retentions to the BMAA's charitable activities. So the final price remains at £128 (full) and £85 (basic). SkyDemon are aware of these small retentions.

I/WFAeC act as the agent for the subscriber(s) not for the SkyDemon company. We have no commercial or other relationship with the company other than as satisfied users of the products. Although I'm on the Council of the BMAA this is not a BMAA sponsored scheme but one which is run privately by me.

When we get to the critical mass of interest (minimum eight orders, preferably one or two more to accommodate dropouts) I ask for the following:

1) Details of the purchaser, name, address, telephone number and email. these details are passed to Sky Demon when the order is placed and licence/login details are sent by email to subscribers

2) a payment of £128 (or £85 as the case may be) to me by electronic bank transfer. My bank details are Coutts & Co, 440 Strand, London WC2R 0QS, Sort Code 18-00-02, account RW & MA Goddin 25143380 - in case anyone wants to take up a bankers reference (!). I've been gratified that none of the 118 has appeared to have done this.

When all the details are received and all the payments have been made I place a batch order with SkyDemon and pass the total funds to them. Very shortly later the subscribers will each get an email with their log ins etc.

This has worked without any hitches so far. During the process those ordering might get up to five emails from me by BCC (you would have had one earlier) describing exactly where we are with the process.

Regards Rick Goddin