Flying in South Africa

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Flying in South Africa

Post by mikeyP »


Anyone have any views on doing my CPL in South Africa? Worth the hassle of the conversion?

I have a chance to stay as a Conservation Volunteer while doing my CPL, so its will be rural flying. Is that good to have for experience?

Ill have my PPL by the time I go.



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Re: Flying in South Africa

Post by mark »

Hi Mike,

I've never done any flying in South Africa so I can't comment on the flying end of things. But there are always a few things to think about when you go overseas for flight training:

- You say you will have your PPL by then, will you also have the minimum PIC hours to do the CPL course?
- Do you have the opportunity to sit the theory exams before you go? (probably not). But have you taken this into consideration? Can you study the course material before you go?
- If you plan to convert to an EASA CPL when you're back you'll have to sit all of the EASA ATPL theory exams as well as do the conversion of the CPL and muti-engine if applicable.

What are your plans when you get your CPL. Do you want to fly for the airlines? Or go instructing?

Unless there is a very big price difference, I'd suggest going straight for an EASA course. The time delay and extra work involved in my opinion is not worth the hassle. On the other hand you may end up with more flying hours for the same cost.

If you want to go overseas there are plenty of EASA courses available in fair weather places, Spain, USA etc. so that might be worth a look. (as well of course as the two big Irish FTO's - NFC and AFTA)

Mark Dwyer

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