Advice on aircraft selection for a group

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Advice on aircraft selection for a group

Post by dhardiman »

I'm in the process of looking at forming/joining a group and would be very interested in hearing the advice of others on the forum. I've a PPL with SEP and Three Axis microlight ratings. If I were to pick one rating to maintain it would be the SEP.

On that basis (and trying to get something approaching the economics of the average microlight) my list of criteria looks something like this...
  • Preference for a permit aircraft
  • Two seats in side by side config. Four would be great but not necessary
  • Runs on Mogas
  • Cruise around 90-100kts
  • Good shortfield performance
  • Economical to run/maintain
  • Manageable with approx four members
The aircraft would be hangared. Looking at, etc. this would seem to put a lot of classic taildraggers in the frame which would require a tailwheel sign-off, but not a major issue. I wonder though about the potential increase in the screw up factor with four possible newbies to tailwheel. Finding an aircraft in the three axis microlight category is a lot easier but then my SEP rating is the one to suffer.

I'm interested in suggestions, advice and/or experiences from all and sundry.

Thanks in advance.

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