The same questions every year...Inishboffin and Cliffden

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The same questions every year...Inishboffin and Cliffden

Post by philt »

Hi all,

Even though it may not sem so, but spring and the summer flying season are inevitably approaching...

In order to update my website and its section about flying in Ireland, (yes, I know Ireland is not UK but that happens to be the title of the website...) I would like to ask you these questions:

Are there any real news about the never ending stories of Cliffden and Inishboffin airfields? That is: can we expect the airfields to officially open to visitors any time soon? If not, can it be considered safe to use them without any PPR obtained? If it is unpossible to positively obtain PPR, would it help (or rather be a bad idea?) to give the council some kind of prior notice that you will use the airfield?

In other words: will foreign private leisure pilots possibly face any trouble if they land and park at say Inishboffin (without doing any damage, of course)? Or is that considered fully "acceptable" by the authorities and citizens? If yes, is there someone acting as a "taxi driver" in both places? Tel. number?

Or are these airfields now to be written off and considered as "dead"?

I know AOPA Ireland is reading here, so a helpful reply would be great. Thanks a lot,


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Re: The same questions every year...Inishboffin and Cliffden

Post by aviatorsguide »

I suggest you leave your website unchanged, as there is no way to confer any "Ah sure it'll be grand go ahead" via the magic of the internet to a prospective visiting pilot.

Q) Is it possible to land in Boffin or Cleggan?
A) Yes it is possible

Q) Is there a reliable way to get PPR and owners permission to visit?
A) I haven't been able to find one yet - or heard of one

When I wrote the Aviators Guide I stressed that everyone should go out and walk an unfamiliar landing spot if at all humanly possible. That advice is still good advice. See the hazards first hand, meet the people and find out what's going to ruin your day. You can break an airplane is under 3 seconds, and spend 3 years trying to fix it. So I'd get out to Boffin and Cleggan by conventional means and research the land ownership, talk to the owners in person and try your case from there offering to bring them for a spin etc.

My €0.02


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