Press Leak - Anyone want to be my friend :) ?

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Press Leak - Anyone want to be my friend :) ?

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Nice little offer from Trim Flying Club on membership fees worth letting the community know about . EI-DDC is in Weston for the Winter.

Subject: New members
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 03:06:10 -0700
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I would like to thank everybody who has put us in touch with people interested in joining our club.

We have also introduced a 30 minute introductory flight for 99 euro. So with the temporary elimination of joining fees there's now no better time to make this offer known to your family and friends. Once we get the ten students and ten PPL'S the special offer will end. So first up best dressed !! We may re introduce the offer at a later date but that is not guaranteed.

Don't forget, it's in everybody's interest to have more new members. It creates a buzz about the club but it also helps to keep flying costs down as our overheads stay the same whether we've one or a hundred members.

We are also hoping to reduce the training period for students from beginner to PPL to 12 to 18 months by more winter flying and more midweek instruction. Of course if students want a more leisurely pace to get their licence that's fine.

We are incredibly lucky to have a very dedicated core team of highly skilled and friendly instructors. This team is led by our chief flying instructor Paddy Costigan, who is a retired Aer Lingus training captain and our deputy chief Pat Murphy, a current Aer Lingus Airbus captain who is also involved in the Iolar Project. This pool of instructors is the envy of every training facility in the country.

So don't be shy about our club. If not the best, it's definitely one of the best in the country. Lets build on this.

Vincent Savage

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