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Visiting Ireland

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:25 pm
by cburke
Hello Irish Aviators :D

I am looking for some recommendations for places to visit in Ireland as I and a few others are planning a Halloween trip across to Ireland in 3 helicopters from the UK.

The plan is to cross over by Waterford and then follow the coast line along and find somewhere to stay a night in Kerry. Does anyone know a good place for us to stay the night in Kerry ? Good Food and the crack is very important!!

We will fly north then and would like to visit the cliffs of Morer, the burren, and all the Islands on the west coast and find somewhere there to stay another night and somewhere that we can fill up on Avgas and Jet A1 ?

Then head north again and find somewhere in Donegal for a night ?

Thank you :)

Re: Visiting Ireland

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:09 pm
by michael747
Sounds like my kinda trip....

On your way to Kerry i'd highly recommend stopping at Bantry Airfield:
Nice airfield and a nice town nearby for great food and craic if you stay overnight.

Flying from Bantry/Kerry northbound route via the shannon estuary around Foynes before turning north up over the burren and onto the Aran Islands - I'd stay on Inishmhor, nice food and craic to be had there also.

Instead of Donegal why not try Sligo for another night, Airport is a short taxi ride to the 'city'.

Heading back to the UK you could route to down to the Dublin bay area and use the Lambert VFR route i think it is and stop at Newcastle Airfield EINC just south of Bray on the east coast. Also a great airfield run by a nice chap John, Will look after you and top you up with fuel before your trip over the water home.

My twopence worth anyway, hope you get nice weather for it. Out.

Re: Visiting Ireland

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:11 pm
by shrtfld
I know it is not Kerry but Bantry (EIBN) in South West Cork is as good as it gets with the wonderful hospitality of Denis Connolly - airfield manager. You'll find Denis on Facebook. Plenty of amazing scenary, good food / drink and craic await you. Many hotels and guest houses nearby.

Enjoy the trip.

Re: Visiting Ireland

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:23 pm
by hugoj_air
What! Miss out Donegal, the MOST senic and friendly county in Ireland bar NONE. michael747, you're only jealous because we beat all comers at the football and won the Sam Maguire cup again.

Pop into Sligo by all means, but you will receive an even bigger welcome at Donegal Airport. Plenty of craic and accomodation to be had in the area around the airport and AvGas available when you're ready to depart.
Weather permitting the South Donegal mountains will be visible even before you arrive overhead Sligo.

Heading W along the south Donegal coast you will find Slieve League, the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Turn right at Malin Beg/Glencolumbkill (if you dont-America is the next parish!!) and wonder at the beautiful deserted beaches all along the west coast up to and beyond the airport at Carrickfin. Then you have Arranmore island 7nm SW of Carrickfin, the largest inhabitated of the Donegal islands. After the airport continue N to Bloodyforeland (I kid you not) and head E along the north coast with Tory island on your left, also a lovely island to visit and on your right are the Derryveaigh (North Donegal) mountains. Rising up over 2400ft is Errigal the highest peak in Donegal.
Then you arrive at the first of the so called Irish Fjords of Sheephaven followed by Mulroy, Swilly and finally Foyle. The area between Swilly and Foyle is the Inishowen Peninsular with more mountain senery and wonderful beaches, plus Malin Head the most northerly point in Ireland. And there you have it. For my twopence worth, a visit not to be missed. After Donegal you can go E to Derry Airport or S back to Sligo.


Re: Visiting Ireland

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:17 pm
by vanman
As for Kerry well the obvious place is Killarney. The hills and lakes are stunning and there's plenty of ceol and craic to be had. You can't go wrong with Killarney. There's also Kenmare and Waterville. Quite a few hotels have helipads, the legacy of the now sadly deceased Celtic Tiger. Whether they could cope with three choppers is another matter.

Check out the Kerry tourism website." onclick=";return false;

After that there's always Galway but the airport is problematic at the moment with odd opening hours. I don't know if they still have Jet A1 but they might. Galway city is a good place to visit at any time and of course there's Connemara. Ashford Castle would be a suggestion. It's in Mayo just at the end of Lough Corrib. You can visit Cong and see where 'The Quiet Man' was filmed if so inclined. Again a beautiful area to tour. You could give that a miss and head to Westport. Knockraney House hotel has a helipad for sure and you could refuel at Knock. Westport is a great little town to visit and beautifully located.

Sligo airport is quite friendly but the town itself is ordinary enough.

Donegal has already got a mention. To be honest you'll be spoiled for choice.

Re: Visiting Ireland

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:15 pm
by NAG
hugoj_air wrote:Heading W along the south Donegal coast you will find Slieve League, the highest sea cliffs in Europe.
Sorry hugoj_air, but I have to burst your bubble here and point out that Croaghaun on Achill Island are the tallest sea cliffs in Ireland and the UK (2,257ft) and not even they are are the tallest in Europe! Standing at 1,972ft, it's a myth that the cliffs at Slieve League (amazing as they are - having seen them myself) are the tallest in Europe.


Re: Visiting Ireland

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:15 pm
by hugoj_air
I stand corrected NAG, but as you say still an amazing sight from the air. And of course the cliffs at Croaghaun are along the west coast on the western tip of Achill island which can easily be incorporated into the flight north.
Also as vanman says quite a few hotels have (dedicated marked) helipads or can at least accomodate multiple heli activity on nearby lawns.