Flying from the UK
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    Flying from the UK

    by TractorBoy » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:19 am

    First post, so be gentle!

    I've finally decided to venture over the pond and am hoping to fly in to Waterford with some other pilots at the end of June. None of us have flown to Eire before so I'm after some advice, especially on the paperwork.

    I'm more than familiar with our (the UKs) ludicrous GAR system ( having to notify SB, Customs etc), but I'm not too sure about paperwork your end. Is there an equivalent form I need to send and if so to whom?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Flying from the UK

    by vanman » Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:54 pm

    No there's no form equivalent of the GAR. As you're flying into Waterford. There'll be no issues with Customs either. Just file your flight plan and call Shannon at the FIR boundary inbound. Waterford are well used to British visitors. Check out their website.

    Once in the country it's even more straightforward if you decide to venture beyond Waterford. Mostly class G, you'll need a flight plan if travelling to one of the regional airports with class C airspace. But even then there's flexibility.

    Have a look at the travelling TO the UK thread. There is some info there that's relevent.

    Have fun.
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    Re: Flying from the UK

    by Dogbiscuit » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:17 pm

    Waterford booking details; ... mid=100044" onclick=";return false;

    Weather; ... mid=100083" onclick=";return false;

    Charts, the VFR chart is worth looking at; ... mid=100046" onclick=";return false;

    Now all you need is the weather :)
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    Re: Flying from the UK

    by glazz » Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:56 pm

    Just a bit of further info
    You will need to file a GAR with the Borders agency/special branch responsible for the area from which you depart to Ireland with 12 hours notice also you need to inform the National customs unit.

    In Ireland you need to file a flight plan if you intend to enter class C airspace even if not landing

    Again you will need to inform B/A-S/B responsible for the airfield you propose to land on return to the UK and again NCU

    The 12 hours notice is absolutely stupid in a part of the world where the weather can change by the hour. I always add on the GAR SUBJECT TO WEATHER

    Once in Ireland ATC is almost invariably helpfull, if touring suggest you purchase one of the Irish flight guides

    Incidentally would suggest Haverfordwest EGFE prior to going to Waterford. Their AVGAS is one of the cheapest and the folks are well used to giving assistance where needed
    m d evans
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    Re: Flying from the UK

    by cubpilot » Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:33 pm

    Flying from UK into Eire you are entitled to fuel duty rebate on the full amount of fuel on board at the point of final departure from UK. Hence you file a claim that includes both fuel you load at the departure airfield and the fuel that was remaining in the tanks before you fill up on departure. You need to have the receipts on previous fillings as well as the final one to go with your claim form.
    If you use mogas the rebate is substantial and for mogas if you buy in cans from a garage the forecourt receipt is valid proof of fuel purchased.
    You can reduce your fuel bill when touring Ireland by border hopping to take the benefit of this rebate but you do have to have filed the GAR.
    However HMRC will not give a rebate unless they have proof of the flight, An activated flight plan is their method to check that the flight has been made.
    To those who mutter about the need to submit a GAR, i would add that it is not so long ago that if you flew to Ireland you could only do this via the designated airports both in UK and Ireland. Yes it would be nice just to go on a whim on a fine day but once you get to know the system it is not that much of a bother to email a GAR in exchange for the freedom we now have to go from one farm strip in Uk to another in Ireland.

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