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Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:19 am
by anthony1968
Is the IAA another organization that has a name with no face? Nobody ever answers the phone. I've been trying for weeks now to contact somebody/anybody with a query about my PPL. I would prefer to discuss this in person rather than leave a message or send an email but this is obviously not possible. I bet if I did something stupid with a aeroplane it wouldn't be long before I would see somebody. Sorry for the rant but this is very frustrating. Does anybody happen to have any tricks to gain their attention?

Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:45 am
Hi Anthony,

Doing something stupid in an aeroplane!!!!!! Why would you even consider doing anything stupid in an aeroplane

If you have an issue about your PPL, why dont you ask on these forums, I am sure someone would be able to help you.

I had to call them back in September, however rather than call the person I was trying to get in contact with, I looked up the numbers for everyone in the department. All of their numbers are on" onclick=";return false;

Maybe try someone else, and they could transfer you. You couuld also always go the traditional route of writting a letter and sending it priority post, that way someone would have to sign for it, so you would know that someone or other is looking at it.

Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:52 pm
by anthony1968
Okay, thanks for that and my reference to being stupid was out of frustration so I withdraw it. My point was that sometimes you only get the attention of authorities for the wrong reasons. So, in a nutshell.................

* Medical issue, licence on hold.
*Consultants report gives me all clear (in his opinion) understanding I'm a private pilot.
*Report sent to AME
*AME sends report to IAA
*One month later, nothing from IAA
* Contact AME again, says he will call IAA to get sorted.
*Another month later, nothing from IAA
*Decide to contact IAA directly (many different dept.s) as you suggest, no-one answers.
*Keep trying for a couple of weeks,no-one answers.
*Contact AME, out of country for a couple of weeks.
RESULT, frustration leading to Rant on a forum.

So, writing a letter makes sense, but I'm led to believe the matter is being dealt with so I'm not sure what difference this would make.

Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:45 pm
by inverted
I have seen first hand the length of time that the IAA Aero medical section takes to return calls and handle letters.
It’s nothing short of a thundering disgrace and would not be tolerated in the “real world”.
As you stated in your earlier post, there are no faces to contact which makes the whole process all the more stressful !
Aside from the aforementioned aero medical section there are many fine individuals working in the IAA who will do there best to help any aviator however this helpfulness seems to stop at the door of the aero medical section.
As to what you can do you have a number of recourses :
Call in Person
Make a complaint in writing to the medical council.
If you are a member of AOPA Ireland you should seek their assistance / guidance.

Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:56 pm
by jonkil
keep everything flying related on a UK CAA ticket, including registration and licence.
Forget about the IAA muppets, they haven't got a clue.


Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:03 am
by Lambada Crazy
Hi Anthony,

Jonkil pretty much sums things up. Whilst there are some clued in people working in the IAA, there isnt enough. Just thinking of the Aeromedical Section is enough to make my blood boil;

I completed my class one medical in January of 2008. I was 18 years old and already had a PPL and this was to test the waters to see if I would be able to further my training.

I waited weeks for the result, of an examination I had paid over 500euro for. I was called a liar at my medical examination as I couldnt remember why I was in hospital when I was 6 months old, and again when I was one year old!
Eventually the infamous Dr.Roodenburg got back to me and told me that my case would have to be deferred untill further reports were received.

This was needed because I had asthma, and she wanted a report from a Respitory Physician! So, I asked, did she have any in particular that she wanted me to go to? She said no, as long as he is qualified in X,Y,Z.

So, more money, more time and I saw a Dr.Bredin (Funny name for a breathing guy) in Cork University Hospital. He gave me the clean bill of health after a lot of testing and all the results were well within the tolerance of the requirements.

Without delay, I submitted all paperwork to the Aeromedical Department. I called every day, sent e-mails and tried my best to get an update. I was kept in the dark.

On April 4th 2008 I got a reply from Dr.Roodenburg saying that I would not be accepted for a JAA Class one medical as I had a previous history with asthma. I would need to demonstrate to the Aero medical Dept, 5 years free of any asthma related episode.

I didnt wait around. I got in contact with the CAA and made an appointment to go and see their in-house respitory doctor. I managed to get a return flight to Gatwick from Dublin for a little over 40 quid. I was seen straight away, I did some tests. I got to run around Gatwick for a while and did some more test.
That day, in my hand I had a memo issued on CAA headed paper from their doctor saying that my asthma was not a problem for my class one.

The doctor even said that it wasnt very acute, and didnt require constant monitoring.

Two weeks later, I booked an Initial Class One medical with the CAA, and when I did the medical I came home that same day with my First Issue JAA Class 1.
Ive had several e-mails to the Aeromedical Department asking why I could be considered fit by the CAA and not the IAA. We are after all a member of the “Joint Aviation Authority”, which is regulated by JAR FCL 3. Her reply was nonsense and did not make sense.
Looking back, I lost almost 1000euro to the Medical Dept of the IAA.

I feel, that many people have been refused a medical, on the grounds that ones career might be put on the line.
I think that its an outrage! It needs to be stopped.
I really think that the department should be ashamed of itself. It is without a doubt an embarrasment to the Irish Aviation Community.

If anyone, (or the Aero medical section of the IAA) would like to get in contact, Please do send me an e-mail using the link on my profile.

And by the way, the prices are double what they are for the CAA!

Kindest Regards,

Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:16 am
by robclay26
Very interesting to hear all your stories and experiences everybody. Seems over time thing just never change.

My experiences are as follows:

Licensing Dept:
I contacted the licensing dept about flying with an ICAO licence on Irish registered aircraft. Something that should take less then 5 minutes to sort out. When I emailed the dept, It took over 20 working days to get a reply, all in all it took me from January until May to finally got the all clear and my approval in writing from the IAA to fly here with an ICAO licence.
Ironically the guy in licensing could email me with in 30 mins when I placed an ad for aviation magazines I was giving away. Our neighbours in the UK CAA can reply the same day with answers along with the FAA and Transport Canada. Typical attitude and quality of service to be expected from a “civil service” style run business. Why when you get an email, can you not reply with answers faster than 14 bloody working days???

Medical dept:
The medical officer is probably the most ignorant, unhelpful PERSON I ever had to deal with, she seems to bend rules to stop you flying. For example, she won’t accept my CAA UK class 1 medical because I did their CAD colour vision test and “under Irish law this is not an acceptable means of testing” yet, it meets the JAA/CAA UK requirements. So here is the most stupid: the FAA, Transport Canada and the CAA UK/JAA say I’m good to go, but the IAA say NO! Even though I hold a clean unrestricted CAA UK class 1. She also does not reply to emails and blatantly ignores correspondence. The only way I have been able to get any communication from her was via the complaints dept. If would have passed my initial class 1 here in Dublin, she would have wanted send me to a respitory specialist which would have brought my medical to over €750 maybe? The CAA UK, 2 ½ hours max for a full initial medical, everything done in house, no further examination required, ½ the price and you go home with your medical cert in your hand. :)
Lambada Crazy wrote:I feel, that many people have been refused a medical, on the grounds that ones career might be put on the line.I think that its an outrage! It needs to be stopped.I really think that the department should be ashamed of itself. It is without a doubt an embarrasment to the Irish Aviation Community.
Totallt agree with you there!

Complaints dept:
Emailed them about the waiting times from various IAA departments, asked why does it take so long to get answers? Why do some departments not reply sometimes? I said it was ridiculous that one should wait 20 days over a simple enquiry. Yet, the complaints dept said it will be 14 days before they are back to me with answers. Remember I complained about waiting times??

What is the story with the exams? They are a joke. You do it on paper, not computer, you have to wait in my case a while ago over 2 ½ weeks for results. They hold them only every 2 months. And what pissed me off once was, when they held them in the Gresham hotel in Dublin the where kids across the hall way shouting, screaming and we all trying to do an exam!! The IAA moved to a new building, why didn’t they build an exam room in there? Exams done with computer and instant results, at least you can go home happy or sad not having it hanging over you for 2 weeks.

Crazy!! €115 for an ATPL. Transport Canada charge $105 for your 4 commercial written exams and $35 for your instrument rating written exam. Can this be justified?
Transport Canada charge if my memory is correct $450 for your flight test, but this includes the licensing fee, VS €601 for the IAA flight test and then licence fees of €208 for private & €363 for commercial. Very expensive paper!

Final opinion:
Go to the CAA UK for all your JAA/EASA needs: D they know how to run a business and provide a service and value for money.

The aviation community should come together and demand change and a proper service with reduced costs. If we don’t speak up, nothing will change.


Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:06 pm
by Fanstop
why not ask them at the next fly in? they are always in attendance, invited or not (ususlly not) but then there are expenses for them to attend etc. etc. and freebees for the kids. no point in complaining to the Ministers office as i have done they will just point you back to IAA.
but if you think it is bad now in the aero medical unit it was much worse when the 'Field Marshals' in the Defence Forces issued the medicals!!!
best advice use CAA for everything. Irish public service A%@E

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:15 pm
by JFH

Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:13 pm
by Lambada Crazy
In light of JFHs removal, this post looked odd so I removed it lol

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:29 pm
by JFH

Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:53 pm
by Lambada Crazy
Things will become a lot better In July I hear, when EASA adopts the Medical Side of things. There will no longer be the issue of one country not accepting anothers. An EASA medical will be a medical, End of!

Anyone hear any different?

Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 6:17 pm
by inverted
Make a complaint in writing to the medical council, it is there duty and obligation under law to investigate all complaints !

Re: Irish Aviation Authority

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:13 pm
by stovepipe
hi all,
whilst i agree with the need to complain against the IAA's ineptitude, i think some of these posts are getting very borderline. JFH, you have no business whatsoever in referring to the Doctor's nationality. She's Dutch, not German, as far as I know. Fanstop made a very valid point about the nationality of some of the previous incumbents of the Office.Before you ask, I don't know her, have never actually met her and have only spoken to her once, when she rang me to apologise for a error she made. If you think the CAA route is all sweetness and light, be advised that there is no shortage of UK pilots who despise the CAA, so it's really a case of being careful for what you wish for.


Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:00 pm
by JFH