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Hey all,

Looking for a bit of advice on obtaining a Single Engine Piston Rating..

I have a CPL with MEP but although I have over 110hrs single engine time, I never did an SEP flight test so I dont have it on my license. Ive now decided Id like to get one, but having trouble finding answers from the various flight schools on how to go about it.

Im trying to find out how much the SEP will cost me. All the schools Ive spoken to have only told me the price per hour of an aircraft, and say 'depends how good you can fly' when I ask how many hours will I have to do to get it. NFC in Weston said Id need about 5hrs and THEN the test, which I think is a bit excessive (and expensive!).

My understanding of the SEP is that its a quick flight with an examiner to prove you can handle the aircraft safely, and that its nothing like a PPL test (no nav etc). Therefore, I would have thought I could get a refresher lesson or 2 on whatever aircraft the school has, and then the test and Id be sorted? It obviously doesnt seem the case.

I might just go over to the UK because to my knowledge a lot of flying clubs give you an honest figure and hours ie 'We'll do your SEP rating for x amount, which will be 2hrs + flight test'. Has anyone any experience with this?

Anyway, appreciate any feedback or comments!

Thanks :)

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Post by KeithT »

Not exactly a direct answer to your question but no school here or in the Uk will give you a definite time scale, as I'm sure you're aware it's all about ability and just because you think you'll be grand with two hours you may in fact not be and it may take the full five hours or even more to get up to standard.

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