Airline pilot arrested for being drunk

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Airline pilot arrested for being drunk

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Airline pilot arrested for being drunk:

Wednesday, 11 November 2009 12:01

An airline pilot has been charged after being arrested at London's Heathrow Airport on suspicion of being drunk.

Police said 51-year-old Erwin Vermont Washington, of Lakewood, Colorado, US, was charged with exceeding the proscribed alcohol limit.

He was released on bail and will appear in court again next week.

AdvertisementThe United Airlines pilot was arrested after being reported to police by colleagues.

He had been due to be at the controls of a Boeing 767 aircraft which was about to take off for Chicago with 124 passengers and 11 crew on board.

tut tut

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Such a privelage to fly and he stuffs it up with the Devils refreshment :roll: :roll:

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