Aerosol Spraying Part 2.

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Good evening friends..AND foes...

I have been away for past 2 weeks in U.S.A hour building...
I completely missed all this story and jerry ryan show etc...its actually quite funny...i burst out laughin when i read first few posts...but theres deeper side..

Friends and more importantly moderators...I think these posts are best see this stuff on youtube etc...and people talking uneducated crap on them..people who know nothin about industry,atmosphere,weather or aircraft engines.(I off course have just finished all my ATPL's so im a professor in these :D)lol

Can i point out in video attached to first post..the aircraft show is most likely flyin at a different altitude..hence differnt winds AND different pressures,no futher explanation needed..

It amazes me theories like this so i believe People who come up with and beleive these theories are best to talk to a doctor and not a pilot..
and I am not been funny or sarcastic..mental illness is a serious issue.
so if people could stop abusing this man, anyone who would believe this and send such a letter to the IAA has personal health issues and for his sake ignore future posts and close tread...

thank you

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KenDoyle, you should contact your local City/County Council I am sure that have a air pollution monitoring station.

They would be able to advise you if there were abnormal levels of anything "dodgy" on the day in question.

In the meantime the contrail issue has been explained here.

Aircraft contrails can start as low as 23,000 ft in the winter and if there is traffic also at 40,000 ft and various altitudes in between, that is quite a spread height wise, so not a surpise that the contrails may behave in different ways, due temperature, wind velocity and air pressure.

Contrails have been a common sight over this country for many years and I have, on many occasions, seen them "hang about" for hours, nothing odd there.

I looked at the video on You Tube, what a joke :)

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Is this a joke topic or something? Or has this topic been setup for people that can't get a partner and have no life.....anyways contrails

ITS NORMAL. Nothing more needs to be said. I think this topic should be locked its got nothing to do with us or this website. Try or something like that guys..

Regards C210
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