importing aircraft

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importing aircraft

Post by jimbors250 »

Hi ! sorry but i don't know who else to ask ? is it possible to import an aircraft from the USA to Ireland and can it then be put on the Irish register ?.
and can a permit type aircraft also be imported and then put on the irish system .
thanks for the advice :lol:

Lambada Crazy
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Post by Lambada Crazy »

As far as i know, everything you said can be done!

(a) you would need to be mad to change Nreg to EI Reg
(b) you would want to have a bag full of cash to do it with!
(c) you would want the patients to deal with a certain Authority!

Best bet is to get a FAA Licence, If you have a JAA licence this can be done very cheap and cost effective. e.g its only a matter of paperwork.

Hope this helps!
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flyby magic
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Post by flyby magic »

The N reg is not the answer to all problems as you need to have a trust company set up with an annual fee. there is no problem importing an aircraft and putting it on a permit if it it not supported by the manufacture anymore there is a list of these aircraft. PM if you want to know more as this is what I have done and by the way I am no fan of the IAA

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Importing from the USA

Post by hum »

There is no problem importing an aircraft from the USA and putting it on the Irish register.

The people concerned in IAA are in my experience extremely helpful.

Need more info to answer your question more fully:

- Are you a US citizen?

- What type of aircraft are you intending to import?

- Do you intend to operate the aircraft as a private aircraft?

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