Requirements of the Terrorism Act 2000

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I was merely commenting on the fact that there is no requirement to notify Special Branch when travelling from France to the UK unlike from here.
Thanks for the other info though. I'll stop complaining about our authorities forthwith.

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different UK police forces have different ideas as to how the Terrorism Act notification requirements are to be satisfied (including in some cases the false idea that their permission is required)

Yes, there are a few that give this impression. Schengen certainly is an interesing concept, I wasn't aware that the UK and Ireland were the only EU countries who didn't sign up to it..

I sometimes think work would be a lot less hassle as a plank pilot flying to airports/airfields which are listed in guides, and not having to ring hotels, golf courses, race courses etc to get landing briefs, permissions, fax copies of insurance etc etc... :roll:

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