Galway airport, whats going on?

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Post by driver1a » Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:38 pm

It wasn't so much an airport as an airstrip. It had great potential. Aer Arann operated out of there at first but soon got into a dispute with the owners over landing fees etc. Not to mention the fact that it became unusable in winter. Meanwhile a German businessman was fed up with the situation too and built his own tarmac strip beside his factory in Carnmore. Once the flying club moved there. Oranmore was finished.

Interestingly Aer Arann Islands later moved from Carnmore to Connemara after another dispute over landing fees.

It seems that nothing is new.

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Post by hugoj_air » Sat Nov 08, 2008 12:04 am

driver1a wrote: Exec helis now operate from a shiny new hangar
beside the Aer Arann one in Galway airport.

Thanks D1a, I forgot that they had moved.

Whisky Tango wrote:I never knew there used to be a different airport
in Galway! When did they move from Oranmore?

WT, in fact there were two "Airports" near Galway City before Carnmore.
The first was at:
Kiltullagh Galway Co Galway . at 46/M355297 53.18.80n 08.53.06w
4nm NE of Eyre Square Galway city. runway 600m Runway NE/SW Grass.
Due to the poor condition of Oranmore Airport, Aer Arann developed
an “airport” at Kiltullagh, which became operational in June 1971. This
strip apparently was not a great improvement on Oranmore and when
Carnmore opened, Kiltullagh ceased to be used.

And Oranmore:
Oranmore Galway Landing Ground/Airstrip/Airport RAF/Private/Civil
owner/operator Royal Air Force 00.01.1918 to 25.01.1922
Sir Alan Cobham 10.07.1933 flying circus
Sir Alan Cobham 21.05.1935 flying circus
CWA Scott 11.06.1936 flying circus
Galway FC/Aer Arran 14.11.1967 to 00.00.1974
Co Galway

4.5nm E of Eyre Square Galway city


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Post by Hayden Lawford » Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:39 pm

All of the above re-Oranmore is pretty well correct - I flew in to Oranmore many times in the 1960's and was one of the original 2 pilots when Aer Arann commenced operations from the grass airfield in 1970. Oranmore became unusable during the winter of 1970/71, which together with a dispute between Aer Arann and the operators of Oranmore resulted in Aer Arann transferring operations to EINN.

A field at Kiltulla was hastily licenced to allow operations from Galway to Inishmore during the summer of 1972.

Herr Steiner had damaged a prop on his Aztec landing at Oranmore, and proposed building a new tarmac strip and hangar opposite his factory at Carnmore, and I was one of those subsequently involved in getting the new runway licenced.

At the time it was never intended that Carnmore should be developed to it's present size, Oranmore was regarded as the optimal site. The proposed site at Oranmore is to the NE of the rifle range, not the adjacent site used by the RAF, and could easily accomodate a 2000m+Rwy. It was the lower expectations of the time and financial constraints which resulted in the present runway being built at Carnmore in the early 1980's (also some pressure from Digital Computers who needed to land their company jet at Galway) 30-40 seat turboprops were seen as optimal, and the developments at Knock were regarded as a white elephant at the time. Now Galway is stuck with a small runway in the shadow of SNN & NOC.

A Report commissioned by local interests from a private consultancy in 1999 recommended a move to the Oranmore and the construction of a 737 RWY, but was not acted on, and now, with the economic downturn this would appear to be very unlikely.

You can read all about the history of both Oranmore and Carnmore in my book "In Galway Skies"


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