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They'll have a clamp at it next i'd say...

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We left Ruskey in Donegal on Saturday afternoon and flew down to Kilkenny for the night.
Excellent friendly welcome as usual, sorted out taxi for us and recommended accommodation for the night.
Re-fuelled us on Sunday morning and ready for departure... total cost..... NIL !.. except for the fuel cost...
Excellent airfield to visit with excellent people on the ground.
Highly recommended and we will definitely be back.

Jon & Robin

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I must say a HUGE thank you to all at Shannon today, popped in there on my solo qualifier today and thought the lads there were more then helpful and accomodating, they sounded like they all enjoyed their work and they were delighted to deal with a bit of VFR stuff.

Keep up the great work lads if ye happen to read this !

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Post by Nanolight »

Not to mention the great reception you got in Kilkenny, right? :P
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Post by alphaLaura »

And those special landing score sheets I made for you! I put SO much effort into those.
The hardest thing about flying is knowing when to say no.

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Post by tiny »

I must say over that past months i have found GA flying particularly fun....

In the past weeks i have been in Donegal where i was met with a smile and even though i probably wrecked the lads heads (i was flying in and out of a friends house 2nm from the field numerous times over the weekend), they always were a pleasure to deal with and they let me do whatever i wanted...

I was in cork and was greeted with a smile, escorted through the place and fueled without a problem very quickly...

This week i was down in Kilkenny, and although my plans changed at the last min, where i didn't need to land in Kilkenny airfield, i rant up the previous evening and the guy,( sorry i cant remember his name) offered to organize taxis or do whatever he could for me without even knowing me. That sort of spirit will defiantly make me pop in some day when passing again...

The other great service is with Shannon on 127.5, although they are very professional, you can have a bit of banter with them when its not to busy and they can make the flight very entertaining. I know we all as GA pilots can be hard work for them, especially on a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon when there are hundreds of us up and flying about but they still keep smiling and provide a great service.

The only airport i would be hesitating to go back to, not because of its service but because of its mad prices is Galway

There is allot more to add but thats just a gist of what i have found out there.


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Mad Prices

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Speaking of mad prices.

Anyone been to Waterford lately? 16.00 on your first landing and 3 Euro per touch and go after that.
Again, outstanding staff, excellent - effecient atc, very pleasant staff etc. But now landing in Waterford becomes really expensive, add 10.00 in the airport for a cup of ordinary coffee (Americano) and a pannini thing where it's a case of "treasure hunt to find the filling". So effectively, landing in Waterford for a sambo will cost 26.00! I know the lads/lassies in the Aero Club will look after you in their legendary friendly way!
Course you could fly into Kilkenny!!!

Even the contingent from Birr survived in their magnificent flying machines last Sunday.

Damn Busted
"Keep the faith"

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Post by passline »

Hi Folks,

I havn't seen any mention of EIKN. I landed at Knock two weeks ago to be met by a great efficient team. I stopped off, refuelled with avgas, paid my €10 landing fee and was airbourne again absolutely hassle free.

It's a pleasure to land at Knock and great to see that they are becoming GA friendly.

I also noticed that they now have a maintence service and provide hangarage. I have got quotations on their hangarage and will be moving my aircraft there at the end of October.

Well done to all the team at Knock.


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