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Post by Nidata »

Eventually the five lap race drew to a close and Gerry Humphries crossed the line first only to find he had been excluded for flying 5 miles per hour faster than his Octagon speed

Ahem ....sorry Gerry am I missing something here, ah! you flew too fast in a race????? :?

"Right lads all we need to do to win the race is slow down" :lol:

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Post by Niall »

I said it on another site because the Irish flying scene doesn't like any criticism. Besides, it was impressive, I just thought it looked low dangerous even though it may not have been. I wasn't aware that the pilot had previous experience and a DA.

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Post by buzz »

Nidata, it's a handicap race. Aeroplanes are handicapped according to the performance. So in theory a well flown Piper Cub would win against a Mustang or an RV-7. The slowest aircraft take off first and the fastest last.

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