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Anyone know more about this?

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 8:02 am
by hum
Article in the latest Av Web biz with an Irish connection... 'Never buy/fly the 'A' model of anything' comes to mind....

( ... tml#197701)
Eclipse Aviation has subpoenaed Google (PDF
( to provide the
IP addresses of some commenters to a blog site called Eclipse Aviation
Critic NG ( (hosted by
Google) that purports to carry "inside" information on Eclipse and
also carries commentary critical of the company and the Eclipse 500.
Eclipse spokeswoman Alana McCarraher declined comment about the
action, but the current operator of the site, Shane Price, of Dublin,
Ireland, says he's both thrilled by the move and "feeling left out"
because he isn't personally named (although that could be because he
uses his real name on the blog and is therefore easy to find). In an
e-mail to Price, Google said it intends to hand over the IP address
information if it doesn't get notice that the commenters intend to
fight the action by May 9.