Worldflight USA 2007

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Worldflight USA 2007

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Hi guys,

I was asked to promote this event below by Terry at PC Pilots Ireland.


I wonder if you can help in getting this event publicised, on your website on in your magazine.

Myself and three others, all members of the PC Pilots Ireland, are travelling to Washington on the 2nd of November to participate in the 'Worldflight USA 2007'.
We will join another Irishman, Greg Coyle and three Americans as the Worldflight USA Team and fly his B737-700 fixed Cockpit Simulator around the world for 7 days.

WorldFlight USA is a ?virtual? round the world flight to raise money for our chosen charity 'Orbis International'. WorldFlight is a global endevour and this year we (Team USA) will join other teams from the UK, Canada, Australia, Scotland and Austria in raising money for a host of worthy charities.

WorldFlight teams "fly" flight simulators that range in sophistication from partial airliner replicas in a home, to fully enclosed, full-motion platforms. All the simulators are based around the ?85 Microsoft Flight Simulator software. Each team has spent many hours and much money in building a realistic cockipt environment around this software platform. The current versions of MS Flight Simulator (FS9 & FSX) realistically simulate all real-world navigation beacons, airfields, seasonal ground environments and real-time weather. MS Flight Simulator downloads and accurately depicts real-world weather. Start the program at Washington Dulles or London Heathrow and you will experience the actual weather (clouds, precipitation & winds) that you would see outside your window

All flights will be conducted online on the VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation) network, providing live Air Traffic Control through all of the countries that we visit. Over the course of 7 days, our crew will fly the Boeing 737 simulator in real time, in real weather conditions, over 39,000 nautical miles on 45 Flights starting in Sydney and travelling West, visiting the Philipines, China, Russian Federation, Greece, Saudia Arabia, Libya, Portugal, Czech Republic, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, USA, Netherlands Antilles, Mexico, Japan, Tawian, Thailand, Philipines, Indonesia, ending in Melbourne. Our progress can be followed via interactive flight tracking, streaming video and audio during the event on

Our donation target is a minimum of US$3,000 and we are asking anyone to help us meet or exceed out target by making a donation.
WorldFlight USA is a charity event, our crew give their time and resources freely to raise money for Orbis International.
All donations go directly to Orbis. WorldFlight USA does not accept direct donations. Donations are made directly to Orbis on

We would appreciate it if you could find the time to mention this event.
Full details are on our website

Best regards

Terry McGee
PC Pilots Ireland


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