Possible Accident in Co. Meath?

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Possible Accident in Co. Meath?

Post by martinc »

I was sitting watching planes land yesterday evening at Dublin and listening to my scanner on approach 121.1 when the woman in charge of ATC asked an aircraft on approach for RWY10 to keep an eye out for a possibled downed light aircraft around the Navan/Dunboyne area.

Shortly after, all approaching planes were routed to the various holds, due to a 'situation' at Dublin, and told that they could expect RWY16 approach shortly.

The reason was that the report of the downed aircraft was on the approach path for RWY10 and to allow the rescue helicopter to scan the area.

Saw the rescue heli depart and return but heard no update since. Was it a false alarm? Nothing has appeared on the news so far, False alarm maybe? or maybe a training exercise?

Has anyone heard anything about this??
/\/\artin C.

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Post by AndyMax »

The heli landed in my friends back garden in Dunboyne. Have not heard of any aircraft down at all. I dont know anything further on it other than what you typed.


Post by bmeegan »

Spoke to a friend of mine today from Dunshaughlin, she was in the main street last week when the emergency services (ambulances + Garda cars) were rushing through Dunshaughlin to attend a "downed aircraft"
(she was speaking with a Garda who told her this) reported just off the main Dunshaughlin road to Dublin (N3) about 1-2 miles out on the Dublin side (right hand side of the road). She later drove out that way and saw that the emergency services were in a field which had smoke rising from it. She could not see over the hedge row to identify exactly what was there. Seems something alerted them to investigate this whatever it was, still no other confirmation as to the exact nature of the smoke. False alarm maybe??...

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Post by Vmax »

A well intentioned member of the public made the call.It turned out to be a caravan on fire.

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