New airport in Lusk
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    New airport in Lusk

    by Cros » Wed Nov 08, 2006 12:13 am

    HUNDREDS of acres west of Lusk have been earmarked for a new E1.5b airport runway and local terminal to service Dublin Airport.

    The runway project has gathered momentum in the past two weeks after approximately 10 landowners were approached and asked if they would sell to those behind the project. The main backer is reported to be a wealthy Irish businessman.

    The Fingal Independent believes that the landowners concerned have since met and discussed the plan and are set to make a positive decision in relation to it. It could involve up to 1,500 acres.

    The land involved is close to Grace Dieu ? the ruined site of an ancient nunnery ? and sweeps westwards towards Ballyboughal between the townlands of Roscall and Brownstown and Dooroge and Cookstown.

    ?It?s quite a project and it?s surprising that details haven?t gone public before now,? a source revealed.

    The runway will be designed to take the Airbus A380 with no difficulty and can also be used as a private enterprise.

    The key element is the link with Dublin Airport. It?s envisaged that it will be a high speed rail system, connecting to a spur off the Metro line at Lissenhall. It will come down west of the M1, through Belinstown and Staffordstown before sweeping through Deanestown to the terminal.

    Another plus for the developers, who are keen to keep the project low key until a deal is struck with the landowners, is that the approach to the runway will be between the town of Rush and the village of Portrane, directly over the Rogerstown Estuary and a low density population area, meaning minimal impact on the local population.

    ?Things have been well thought out, it has to be said. They know that the landfill at Balleally is closing and the approach route is not over a major town,? the source added.

    The area is the last parcel of flat, suitable land in the region that could take the runway. However, it will be just a matter of miles from the proposed Nevitt landfill but will not be on the projected flightpath.

    ?They are looking ahead to the future of air travel and realise that Dublin Airport will need another option and this is about the last place a runway of the size they need can be built in proximity to the airport,? the source continued.

    It?s believed aviation experts have been called in and given a firm thumbs up to the plan.

    Just over three years ago landowners just north of the present project were contacted in relation to selling their land for a proposed theme park ? Vega City ? with one standing to make at least E26m had the deal gone through.

    However, that project fell at pre-planning stage.

    Source: Fingal Independent[i][/i]
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    by EIDEL » Wed Nov 08, 2006 1:01 am

    :lol: I just bet that if this goes ahead there will be no flight training for GA flyers Just like ei-dw 8)
  • Lofty
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    by Lofty » Wed Nov 08, 2006 11:42 am

    What a load of nonsense build a airport for 1.5bn.....the land alone would cost that......
    The way all the PR on this one is being circulated is abit suspect to say the least!! i think this is driven by the local landowners and not the developer (airport) as stated to entice property developers (housing) to make offers.

    1 A Airport in such a sensitive area would be like building it on Botterstown marsh.

    2 Proximity to Dub would be a serious issue for airspace etc.

    We all remember the rumour of the famous FBO that offered big money for a 50% stake in EIWT to increase the value of it..... same sort of thing here me thinks. :wink:
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    by StephenM » Wed Nov 08, 2006 12:46 pm

    Do we know how to waste money or what? Firstly we go from having 1 terminal at Dublin, to having plans for 2 new ones along with an exisiting extension. Then this? What about building a propper second terminal as a "mid field" terminal in between the 2 runways where the exisiting tower and fire services are that is big enough to cope for the future?

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