Instructor Rating..

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Instructor Rating..

Post by Davey »

Anyone out there any idea how much an instructor pilot gets paid...say if he/she was working with the likes of the nfc or Skytrace on Cessnas/Pipers etc...??

Can the instuctor job be taken up as a sort of part time or summer job to earn hours and cash if one has a full time career(teaching)??

Anyone have this type of experience?


Dave :D

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Post by buzz »

I believe, but don't quote me, that NFC pays a basic wage of 250 Euro to it's instructors. Then they are paid by the hour although I don't know the rate. So the more they fly the more they are paid. Obviously when the weather is good they clean up but when the weather is bad they starve :shock:
Yes you can do it part time, in fact one of NFCs instructors is a part timer who is a full time teacher.
A bonus for NFC's instructors is that many get to fly right hand seat in the Citations.

Can't speak for other schools.

The real problem these days is getting an instructor rating. If you go to the trouble of getting a rating. Why not go full time as an instructor? I know it's not a well paid as teaching these days.

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