The Romance of Flying

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The Romance of Flying

Post by John_os » ... +of+flying

Watch this video, it will either inspire you to get up and go flying or else help thoes with a PPL to get up an get out to do more flying.

John O'Sullivan

Rallye EIBFP
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Post by Rallye EIBFP »

Well, I know from personal experience that pilots are considered sexy romantic devils, I once told a girl at the energiser that I was a pilot and........hmmm I was very lucky that's all I'll say!! :lol: :P

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Post by RV BLUE »

This video comes from a DVD called One Six Right. I've seen it, its excellent, and filmed in High Defination. I'm going to Van Nuys airport next week where the DVD is all about. Our head office is there. This film should be played at every clubhouse, as it is a wonderful public relations piece for aviation.

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Post by ppl »

I was reading a review of it in one of the UK flying mags. It sounds great. You can get more info here....

Unfortunately it appears that its only available to buy for US and Canadian customers at the moment. Hopefully it'll make it over here soon.


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