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Re: Nenagh airstrip

Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 8:28 pm
by hugoj_air
Hi Rallye,

At 3.65 NM SE of Nenagh is Tony Delanely's strip near Dolla. The grass
runway is about 05/24 at 400m. The hanger is on the southern side about
mid-way along. Is this the one you saw. If not then more details would help.


Strips ner Nenagh

Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 10:11 pm
by shrtfld
Hi Hugo

Did not know about strip you mention. Two others I know of, neither of which have a hanger is one owned by Tony Doyle CFI at Coonagh. It is very short and is more nw/se. The airfield is a couple of hundred metres S.E. of the N7 Nenagh Bypass (southern end.)

Another new strip which has recently been developed is a grass strip another couple of miles south of Tony Doyles. It is about 750m on an approx 06/24 aspect. Very good in dry weather but could be difficult (soft) in winter. Belongs to a farmer called Hanley. The strip is known as Capparua and is probably visible from the N7 Nenagh Limerick road. The runway runs parallel to the N7 to the SE of it.

Both of these are unlicensed and PPR - difficult to obtain in both instances.

Other private strips

Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 10:41 pm
by hugoj_air
Hi Shrtfld,

Thank you for both strips. They are definately new to me. I am always interested to hear about strips in any area. If you know of or find any
more, I would be glad to hear from you. Also if there are any you want info, please call me. Can't promise I'll have all the answers, but I'll try.

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 6:26 pm
by Rallye EIBFP
This strip I think this strip is the farmers, I did not note the heading while flying past, the guy I was with said A farmer owns it, a little track running off half way along to farm buildings. It is lined at the edge with rocks, so they looked

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 11:06 pm
by hugoj_air
hi Rallye,

Sorry but your last posting does'nt make much sense. looks like it was
cut before the end of the line. A bit more detail on directions would help.
Also which strip are you refering to.


Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2004 3:55 pm
by Rallye EIBFP
No is does not. The strip is approx 400m long, with windsock and supposedly owned by a farmer. There is a little road running off half way down to farm buildings and the perimeter of the runway is lined with rocks or something.

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 12:37 am
by hugoj_air
Hi Rallye,

Sorry, did'nt mean to annoy you. have you found out anymore about
the strip. Do you thint it's one of the two strip's mentioned by Shrtfld.


Strip near Nenagh

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:01 am
by shrtfld

The description from Rallye sounds like Capparua. They have white runway markers along the runway. Approx 1/3rd way down from the northern end there is a track running off at a right angle to farm buildings. Only difference is the length. I have been in there and it is a lot longer than 400m. The owner says it is 750m long.


Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:24 pm
by Rallye EIBFP
Yes it is Capparua. The next time I am out that way I will snap a photograph. :D

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 11:31 pm
by hugoj_air
Thank you Rallye and Shrtfld,
Your details are very helpful and yes, a photo of Capparua would be great.


Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 4:48 pm
by Cosmic
I know the owner of Caprua. Not someone who's too enthusiastic about computers! I will let him know that its being discussed here, he will be very amused indeed.

Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2004 11:46 pm
by hugoj_air
Hi Shrtfld, Cosmic and Spitfire,

Firstly, Shrtfld, about Tony Doyle’s strip. Do you know the area or
townland name in which the strip is located, also would you know
when it was first used and if there are any aircraft based.

Secondly, Cosmic, Shrtfld mentioned Mr Hanley as the owner of
the Capparua airstrip. Well he may not be too enthusiastic about
computers, but fair play to him, he seems to be enthusiastic about
flying, when he went to the trouble of developing the strip. You can
tell him thank you from all, for his effords. It’s land owners like him
that help to keep light aviation affordable for the many. Does he fly
himself. Again, would you have any idea when the strip was
opened and is there anything based.

Last but not least, Spitfire, you lucky so and so. You have achived
my dream of owning/part ownership of an airstrip. But first I will
have to win the lottery and with the price of land, probably the new
European one. I assume you fly yourself. If so is it the Shadow in
the photograph. Thank you for the info you have given and if you
don’t mind, I have a couple of more question’s for you also.
What are the runway headings and when was the strip first used.
I’m sure your all wondering why all the questions. well I think I
have mentioned already that I am attempting to locate every site
in Ireland used for an aviation purpose since 1784, the first balloon
era. Again if you know of any site past or present, I would like to
hear from you. By the way, all the info I have on my site’s database,
will not be for general publication. I will oblige individuals who make
requests for details.


Nenagh airstrips

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 9:03 pm
by shrtfld
Hi Hugo

I do not have Tonys airfield townland off hand. It is very new being developed by Tony himself over the past couple of years. No aircraft based there as yet (or to my knowledge). tony keeps his MS 880 at Coonagh for now.

Capparua (I note Cosmics different spelling - not sure which is correct) belongs to James Hanley. He has two aviation mad sons one of whom is at least a CPL. I gather he flys in there on occassion. Airfield has only been developed this spring/summer. Nothing based there yet. No hanger or suitable storage either. Very exposed. First time I went in there it was bumpy enough with a wind of about 12kts, 40degrees from the West. I would not fancy using it in strong South easterlys. The airfield is set in a valley with the runway running along the valley floor.

If I get further info I'll send you a PM or post here.

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 11:51 pm
by hugoj_air
Thanks again Shrtfld,

Appriciate your help. I should have asked for the co-ords for each site,
if posible. Hope I'm not pushing my luck now. According to the ordnance survey map the spelling is Capparoe, so take your pick. Post here or PM,
whichever you prefer.


Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 2:06 am
by Cosmic
Hugoj, I wasnt aware it had a name at all, just picked up on what others said, so the spelling is proabably hooky. There is a possibility that you could make a visit to the strip. Its strictly strictly PPR, but if you PM me I could pass your details along. Its not mine to make any promises but theres no harm in asking! :D