Class 1 Medical

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Class 1 Medical

Post by FrankTheTank » Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:12 pm

Hi Guys,

I was just reading through a thread there from 2007 and there was alot of talk about doing a Class 1 Med in Gatwick and it not being accepted over here in Ireland for a PPL. Then there was mention of changes due to the new EASA rules that were being implemented and then the thread more or less ceased in 2011, that is my reason for asking this question of;

1. What is the current situation on doing a CAA Initial Class 1 and trying to get an IAA licence? Is it possible?
2. Has anybody done this since the new EASA rules came into effect or know of anyone who has done this and being successful/unsuccessful?


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Re: Class 1 Medical

Post by mark » Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:57 am

Hi FrankTheTank,

I think now all EASA medicals including initials are accepted in all EASA Member States although I can't find exactly where that's written down. Perhaps someone else can share their experience. It may be worth considering doing your Class 1 medical in Ireland now as the previous IAA Medical Officer that caused so many people issues left the IAA 4/5 years ago. While I've had no dealings directly with the new Medical Officer, I've heard plenty of positive feedback.

Mark Dwyer

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